...founded upon the conviction that the Holy Scriptures are the word of God and the only infallible rule of faith and practice...


One of America’s Premier Reformed Theological Journals

The Westminster Theological Journal (WTJ), published semi-annually, is one of America’s premier Reformed theological journals, specializing in all aspects of theology, church history, ethics, and biblical interpretation. The journal’s inaugural issue appeared in 1938, making it one of America’s oldest continuous running theological journals. The journal exists to further Reformed theological scholarship and through it to serve the ministers and members of Presbyterian and Reformed churches. Each issue includes a number of scholarly articles and book reviews by seminary and college faculty, scholars active in their fields, and graduate students.

The journal was “founded upon the conviction that the Holy Scriptures are the word of God and the only infallible rule of faith and practice, and that the system of belief commonly designated the Reformed Faith is the purest and most consistent formulation and expression of the system of truth set forth in the Holy Scriptures” (WTJ, 1938, vol. 1, p.1). The journal's editors are appointed by the faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary and have the purpose of publishing scholarly work that defends and advances understanding of the Bible's teaching and its implications for the larger world. The editors adhere to strict publishing standards and work together to produce a high-caliber journal that has endured for over eighty years.

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One of America’s Oldest and Continuous Running Theological Journals

Edited for the faculty of the seminary, the Westminster Theological Journal was first published in November 1938, “going against the current of the times,” in that it was “founded upon the conviction that the Holy Scriptures are the word of God, the only infallible rule of faith and practice…” The two editors were Paul Woolley and John Murray, and the issue contained a preface, “To Our Readers,” one article, “Jesus in the Hands of a Barthian,” by Ned Stonehouse, and four book reviews. It was published at a time when periodicals were in decline, and the world at large lived with the specter of a new world war.

For over eighty years, the journal has continued the legacy set by the founding editors. As such, the WTJ stands out as one of America’s oldest and continuous running theological journals. Its original mandate to uphold historic Christianity against modern tides is as relevant and true today as it was in 1938. While many journals have come and gone since our first publication, it is our hope that WTJ will continue to thrive in the digital age and be a “must have” theological journal for a new generation of readers.



What Sort of Nachfolger of Zwingli was Bullinger?

Joe Mock







In the pace of pastoral work, the Westminster Theological Journal keeps 
my mind geared to solid theological reflection. 
I am thankful for the journal’s ability to mold my thinking to
the biblical and Reformed themes which frame the whole of my work as a minister.

Joseph. F. Ryan

Senior Pastor, Park Cities Presbyterian Church, Dallas


The journal maintains a salutary balance of exegetical, historical, and systematic essays
and ably reviews new literature in these fields for a broad constituency without any
diminution of its commitment to the Reformed faith.

Richard A. Muller

P.J. Zondervan Professor of Historical Theology, 
Emeritus, Calvin Theological Seminary


When graduating students ask me what periodicals I would recommend to them, I invariably 
include the Westminster Theological Journal for its scholarly, full-length reviews of 
important books and for its solid, orthodox articles. It is an ever-renewed challenge to
thinking persons. 

Roger Nicole

former Professor Emeritus, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary


Within the conservative tradition, the Westminster Theological Journal has been on the 
cutting edge of biblical, historical, and systematic theology for [eighty] years. Articles in 
each of these fields have demonstrated true brilliance and pushed open new doors of 
investigation, especially in Reformation studies and Puritanism.

Roger Nicole

Former Professor Emeritus, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary


In its early years, the Westminster Theological Journal was an oasis in the intellectually 
parched ground of American conservative Protestantism. It provided an important stimulus to 
the revival of American evangelical thought, a revival in which the journal continues to play 
a large and constructive role.

Mark A. Noll

Research Professor of History, Regent College


The Westminster Theological Journal has a long and honorable history of intelligent 
exegetical and theological discussion in the Reformed tradition. Its book reviews are nearly 
always a cut above the mainstream in quality and penetration. I cannot imagine a responsible 
theological library that would want to be without this journal.

D.A. Carson

Emeritus Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

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